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Patricio Molina composer pianist at a Carollo Scholarship Concert with Newark School of the Arts.

"You don't have to be a professional musician to reap the benefits of the arts and music. The classical training gives you discipline, and that discipline you can apply to anything you want to do in your life. That's why it is very important to have this arts training for as many people as possible. Even if people who study music want to become doctors or lawyers, they're going to have the discipline from the arts to become better doctors, and better lawyers."


-Patricio Molina

Dr. Patricio Molina’s students are winners of several international competitions, and 100% of his conservatory program students are accepted to prestigious universities with scholarships. These include Princeton University, NJIT, William Paterson University, Montclair State University, Memphis University, and Manhattan School of Music.


Dr. Molina is the conservatory director at the Newark School of the Arts, responsible for faculty recruitment, retention, and mentorship. He is also the president and co-founder of Notes for Growth Foundation. This non-profit organization donates pianos and scholarships to children of low resources in the USA and Chile.


He has taught in workshops and courses at over 20 high schools and universities in the metropolitan area. Courses include private instruction in piano and composition, group classes in music theory, music history, group piano, chamber music, and music business.


Dr. Molina explores a wide range of repertoire covering everything from Bach, Beethoven, and Ravel, to Robert Aldridge, Florence Price, and George Walker. Dr. Molina encourages all piano students to become the next generation of composers.


Seeing students surpass their expectations is one his most rewarding teaching moments. Dr. Molina’s students break the habit of small-thinking and take ownership of their projects and concerts. Dr. Molina’s ultimate aim as a teacher is to create great citizens, and through music education, help students become problem solvers and independent thinkers.

“It is an honor to be recognized as a finalist amongst the top musicians in New Jersey. [I thank] Patricio Molina, piano teacher at Newark School of the Arts, for all his support and instruction over the years.”

- Former student, upon becoming a finalist for the Algonquin Arts Theater Rising Stars (NJ)

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